Living With Purpose: Week 1

Happy New Year!

In this brand new series “Living With Purpose in Every Season” we will:

*Discover what it looks like to walk daily in the unknowns of life with confidence in your calling even if your calling isn’t exactly clear.

*Discover how to live intentionally in every season even when it feels like things aren’t quite working out the way you planned.

*Discover the way God uses different seasons to draw you closer to Him.

*Uncover the truth about yourself when seasons change.

*Find purpose when you feel lost or uncertain.

*Be encouraged as you gain a fresh understanding of contentment and success.

*Learn how to find your purpose when the seasons of life seem saturated with struggles.

Join me on this journey of Living With Purpose in Every Season! It’s going to be a fun, interactive season of learning more about why we do what we do, and how to know what to do next.

Week 1: Living With Purpose – In Silent Seasons

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand. Proverbs 19:21 (ESV)

I bowed my head and prayed, “Lord just show me what to do and I will do it.”

The frustration was in full gear. I knew God had a plan, a purpose, a passion deep inside my heart. But the clarity I needed was lacking. I wanted to do something great for God, but I couldn’t seem to break through.

There are seasons in our lives when we know we want to do something big for God, but the answers and direction we are looking for don’t come like we think they should. Perhaps you’ve had your own begging session with God as you wait for an answer, direction, or destination.

Isn’t it just like us, to want to know the details. If God would just tell us when, where, how, what, how much, what kind, what time, and how long then we would be able to live confidently in what He has for us. We could press on in our purpose with passion and the predictable would propel us into the next season of life.

I get tripped up when I have a big goal in my view. I start scheming and planning how I can get there faster. But God continues to teach me that life is best lived at His pace – Never rushed – Always planned by Him – Always perfect in His time and His way.

Living with purpose even when clarity is not coming, or your calling doesn’t seem to be moving in the right direction means you live every day focused on the goal: A closer relationship with Jesus.

If you know God has called you to something or you are hoping for clarity in your calling, living with purpose in the in-between is vital to your spiritual stability. Living a stable life with Jesus means you pursue Him more than you pursue a calling or a passion. It’s all about pursuing Him and His purpose.

Purpose is like the fall out of faith. It’s knowing God has a plan and living intentionally even when you don’t know all the details.

When we rush ahead and try to figure things out for ourselves we end up living in the very things we know are opposite of what God has for us:


You can live with purpose even when you can’t see the big picture or the tangible goal.

Sometimes our tangible goals become such a focus of our lives that we entirely miss the real purpose – Jesus.

How do you live with purpose in the silent seasons:

Here is a list of some “Still Do’s” and “Don’t’s” to encourage your heart:

1. Still Seek God.

When life isn’t panning out we often subtly begin to seek our own way. We look for ways to succeed faster. We seek the approval and praise of others, but we quickly forget about the real foundation of everything in our lives. We will never discover our purpose in our own planning and goal setting. We will only discover our purpose when we passionately seek the One who is the purpose of all that we do.

2. Still Look to God continually.

Stop looking at everyone else’s successes and failures. Yes, I know we can learn from others, but God has a specific message to give you personally. If we are constantly looking around us, we will never look above us. God’s purpose for your life is bigger than what you can see.

3. Still do right.

The world is full of short cuts. Everything we do is fast and getting faster. No longer do we have to wait for mail, meals, or money. We just click 2-day shipping, have our groceries delivered, and insert a card and out pops the money. It’s no surprise we want fast results from God too. But God is much more powerful than these quick methods of out put. When God is working His purpose in your life, it’s always beautiful in His time. While you wait, treat others with respect, obey your authorities, and make the right decisions even if it means being patient in your purpose.

4. Still Study.

Sometimes when we study something, we want to give out all we have learned right away. Maybe you write a blog post, teach a lesson to your children, or tell a trusted friend about all you are learning. But, there are seasons of study that will only be for you and God. At first thought it might be hard to understand why God would give you time to study just for the sake of you, but that’s who God is. He is a personal God who loves you and gives you exactly what you need when you need it. When we realize God is interested in specifically speaking to our hearts individually without the intention of a crowd or applause or attention, it’s a beautiful place to be. So study and see what God has specifically just for you. Your relationship with Him will deepen and you might find His purpose and plan for you within those simple moments of silence with the Savior.

5. Don’t push ahead of God.

Rushing forward without confirmation or direction from God can land us in a heap of self-inflicted drama. Take your time and pray. Pray that God would teach you in the in-between. There will be days when you want to push or pull or completely pass out. But God’s pace is always perfect even when we feel out of place.

6. Don’t avoid stepping out on faith if you feel God calling you.

Sometimes when it’s not as clear as glass, we hesitate waiting for the atmosphere to be perfect and the situation to be ideal. Many times the things God calls us to requires a leap of faith. If you know God is directing you to do something, do it. Take a leap. Not a rushing, frantic leap, but a calm, confident leap. God knows your fear and He promises to comfort and care for you in those times. Faith is the foundation of purpose.

As we learn together to Live With Purpose in Every Season, I want to hear from you! Share your fears, frustrations, and faith with us! You never know how your story will encourage someone else, and I promise you are not alone.

We all desire purpose and we all want to know that what we do matters. You matter!

Have you experienced a silent season when it seemed you couldn’t hear from God? Did you ever seem to break through? What was your experience like?

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Have a great week and share this with someone you love!

Love & Blessings,


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41 thoughts on “Living With Purpose: Week 1

  1. I especially liked 5. Still Study. I love the idea of God having something to show me personally! That’s exciting.

    1. As you study, I hope you see God doing something personally for you. I pray you will gain new insight and new understanding as you look for purpose in His Presence! Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you Micah. I am in a state of holding. I had to give up a job about 16 months ago I know only God could have given me and enjoyed. I was a critical care nurse for over 30 years before that; a career I chose out of necessity. It was very hard but in the daily grind I know God used me over and over again. I am 50 and my line of work has to fall into what God wants me to accomplish. Loving to serve I fully adopted that most of my life but physically I am unable to serve. I know God has allowed a season of quiet. I know for sure He is directing my feet. I need the scales off my spiritual eyes to see His path for me and His grace and courage to walk it with Him.

    1. Megan, I pray you will see clearly what God has for you in this season. I’m sorry for the difficult season this is. As you discover what God has for you, keep walking in that courage and grace you know. My sister-in-law is a critical care nurse so I understand some of what you have been through. You have seen things some will never even imagine. As you said, I’m sure God used you in some amazing ways then and I’m confident He is willing and ready to use you now although it might look a bit different. Many blessings to in this New Year! and Hugs!

  3. I love reading such encouraging posts. I’m not religious in the way that most people are, but I love exploring how the bible and other religious texts can help me live a more purposeful life. Thanks so much for posting this to the mommy moments link party for me to find!

    1. Zoe, I’m glad you dropped in. I hope you’ll come back again throughout this series. I’ve learned my purpose has very little to do with religion. I hope you will keep exploring the Bible with me. I’ve learned my purpose is found in the person of Jesus. Hope to see you again and thank you for your thoughts! Keep em coming!

  4. This sounds like it is going to be a wonderful series. I am exploring purpose in my own life as we begin 2017 and love how you started with purpose in the silent seasons. I am coming off a season of silence and understand what you it feels like. God never stops working even in the silence.

    1. Mary! I hope you love this series! Those silent seasons are so difficult, aren’t they? But, yes I’m so thankful God never leaves, or changes. The big changes going on are in us. Let me know your thoughts as we go along through this series. I value your insight!

  5. Micah,

    This is a timely read for me… of course, God is always on time, but it is another in a number of articles/posts/books I have read recently reminded me to step up and step out in faith. No. Matter. How. I. Feel. 🙂 You reminded me to keep studying, though… and that is exactly what I needed to hear. I have been away from link ups for a while, taking a break and resting my heart and soul from busy. I have missed reading words from friends, though, and I am so glad I was hanging out next to you.


    1. Dawn, I’m so glad to see you here today. We all need those breaks and quiet seasons of rest. No guilt there. I’m happy to see you back in the linkup line up. I hope to see you around more! I hope 2017 is a very blessed year for you!

  6. Oh, how we need focus in the midst of all the activity — wisdom to do those things that support God’s agenda for our lives.
    It’s good to hear from you, Micah. I always appreciate your input.

    1. Great to hear from you too, Michele! I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year, Micah! I like the new look of your blog, and this new series sounds great! I wrote a chapter on a time to be silent in my new book, Newness of Life. If I could write a guest post for you, I would be honored! Blessings to you.

    1. Hey Sarah! Email more details about your book!!! I would love to support you!

      1. Thanks Micah, I will send you an email friend!

  8. Bless you, Micah, for ministering to your readers on this topic of purpose. It’s difficult to do the work required to achieve the big dreams God plants, but it’s oh, so worth it.
    Happy Wednesday, from the Coffee For Your Heart Linkup.

    1. Megs, thanks for dropping in! It truly is worth it! I hope you have a great week! And a Happy 2017 filled with the wonderful purpose of God our Father!

  9. Hi Micah, I’m adding this to my women Bible Study recommendations for women.
    Hugs and blessings in your new year

    1. Thank you, Ifeoma! You are a blessing! Happy New Year!

  10. I love this post! I’m saving it so I can come back and read it again later. 🙂

    1. Thanks Heather!

  11. Great insight. Yes, “step-by-step obedience.” It is said, the reason God loved David is that he would do anything God told him to. Can you imagine anyone today acting with that kind of obedience?

    1. I love that, Sherry! Why is it so hard for us to imagine? We all take such control of our own lives and goals and purpose that we often leave God completely out of the picture. This makes me want to strive for that kind of obedience. It makes me think of the old hymn “I Surrender All.” The words are so powerful – “All to Jesus, I surrender. All to Him, I freely give. I will ever love and trust Him. In His presence daily live.” That’s what I want my life to be and I know you do to. Thank you so much for your insight! It really struck my heart.

  12. Love this, I’ve been focused a lot on discovering my purpose and this really offers great insight! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I’m so glad this resonated with you, Nicole! Thanks for dropping in!

  13. Micah, I am meeting you here through #thoughtprovokingthursday…and I’m so glad! So blessed by this message and your writing voice! thank you.

    1. Thank you, Teresa! I’m so glad to meet you too! And thank you for your encouraging words! I hope this second week of the New Year is a wonderful one for you!

  14. My word for 2017 is “Let Go.” God is teaching me that I am constantly grasping for control over all the things. I’m in a season and place where God is giving me little control over nothing and it has been frustrating. He is also giving me a growing list of things to “let go” of.

  15. Sorry I hit post before I was finished. Your post resonated in some ways with the things that I have been writing about and trying to live out by living my life intentionally and on purpose for His purposes even when they are not so clear to me all the time.

    1. Deanna, I love your word for the year! I think we all need that one! It’s something I struggle to do every single day. I’m so glad this post encouraged you and I hope you see clearly God’s purpose for you in 2017!

  16. I love your image quote, “Life is best lived at God’s pace. Never rushed. Always planned by Him.” So beautiful, and so true. Thanks for sharing, dearest Micah! <3

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren. It’s interesting how something so simple can be so transformational. You know? For me, this simple quote completely changes my perspective on life. I love it when God does that. I hope you have a great week!

  17. I love the positives of your list…we need to keep doing things, even if we’re waiting! Important things that keep us close to God so we can hear him when he tells us to move!

    1. Thanks, Anita!

  18. This is great advice. I’ve had many of those conversations with God where I just want him to show me the whole path ahead and where things are going, but I’m learning to wait and trust and listen for one step at a time. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Lesley, your comment did go to the spam folder, but since I pulled it from there it should not happen again. I did get your other message also. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog! I hope you’ll follow along with this series and I would love to hear what you think each week!

      1. Thanks, Micah. I’m glad you found the comment. I know that’s how it should work in theory but on a couple of other blogs my comments are repeatedly being put in spam. Hoping it gets sorted soon!

        1. Hey girl, your comments still went to the spam folder. I’m not sure why because I think once you have an approved comment the other comments that follow should be approved. I hope Askimet can get it worked out for you. I know that is frustrating for you.

  19. Hi Micah, this is just a test comment. I left a proper comment yesterday and I think it has gone into your spam folder. I have been having this issue with a few other sites as well. Askimet are looking into it for me and have asked me to try commenting again on a few sites where it has happened.

  20. Micah, this is so good! I especially liked this statement, “Living with purpose even when clarity is not coming, or your calling doesn’t seem to be moving in the right direction means you live every day focused on the goal: A closer relationship with Jesus.”

    A closer relationship with Jesus is always the main goal – but how easy is it to lose track of that?

    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. When we pursue God and daily live in His presence, our purpose will be seen more clearly. It’s in those quiet moments, God can speak so “loudly” to us! Have a wonderful week.

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