1. It’s so good to be reminded to periodically think back to what God has already done. It is faith-building for what we know he can do in the future!

  2. What a powerful word: “When I praise God again for blessings from the past, I’m compelled to praise Him in the present.”

    I’m a big believer in counting those blessings!

  3. At the beginning of the year, I looked over the list of answered prayers from 2016, and was surprised that I had already forgotten some of the blessings. It’s so healthy to just sit and be reminded of the goodness of God that has washed over our lives!

    • Thank you for stopping by Michele! Isn’t it wonderful to look back and see all those blessings and be reminded of how good our God is?!

  4. I agree, there should not be a day without praise. And remembering the good things God has done in our lives. Also I think it is wise to praise God just for who he is. We can praise Him in every situation. And that changes everything. Thanks for the post, neighbor. Blessings to you!

  5. Micah,
    Such powerful encouraging words! I see too often this struggle in my heart and mind to REMEMBER HIS GOODNESS. Completely loved this line:

    “Living with purpose in the present is remembering what God has done in the past.”

    So I had to tweet it 🙂 Have a great day!

    ~Sherry Stahl

  6. Micah, beautiful post and reminder to remember God’s blessings. They are all around us.

    Thank you for stopping by Woman to Woman Ministries and linking up. God bless.

    • Jennifer, thank you for stopping by. When our strength is gone and hard seasons come…..we still praise Him! Have a wonderful day.

  7. Hi Micah,
    It’s so true that when we remember what God has done for us time and time again in our lives, it inspires our gratefulness and gives us hope for the future, even when our circumstances are difficult. So glad God brought you through 2016 and hoping the year ahead shows you more of his plans and purpose for you! Enjoyed my visit here (from Coffee for your Heart)!

  8. It is so important to remember God’s blessings and thank him for them. This year I’m trying to note down some blessings each day and it’s true they are there to be found, even in the hard times.

    • Isn’t it wonderful to look back and see all those blessings and be reminded of how good our God is?! Have a wonderful day Lesley!

  9. Remembering how God has blessed me get’s me through the trying times of life. Sometimes, when I am intuned with God it’s easier to remember the blessings but other times I have to work at it. It is a spiritual discipline but it does bring comfort when it becomes easier to recall those blessings and how He has brought you through trying times before. If He did it then, He will do it again. Thanks for the rhema word!

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